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Spanning sixteen square blocks, Kirkwood, Missouri is a charming, pedestrian friendly city filled with turn-of-the-century buildings and more than 100 specialty shops and restaurants, as well as a Farmers' Market with an abundance of local produce, specialty food items and plants for sale. Kirkwood is also home to The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum with hundreds of hands-on exhibits for visitors of all ages including favorites like the electro-static generator that makes your hair stand on end, a three-story slide, a pretend Children's Village and the Star Spangled Center with a replica of the Oval Office.Magic House

Has a family stay-cation crossed your train of thought lately? Then why not consider a train-cation to beautiful downtown Kirkwood? Hop aboard an Amtrak train and make tracks for downtown Kirkwood for a day of shopping, dining and entertainment that the whole family is sure to enjoy. To check on train schedules in your community, please visit   There's also a direct train that you can take to or from Kirkwood that travels the route up to Chicago.

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