Unique and Historic

On December 4, 2015 Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District will celebrate 40 years of serving businesses in downtown Kirkwood through advertising, special events, public area landscaping and maintenance, holiday lighting, gift certificate sales, planning and administration of Kirkwood Farmers’ Market.

During the Downtown Kirkwood Winter Fireworks Festival at 6:30 p.m. on January 1, there will be an additional fireworks ground display in front of Kirkwood City Hall to celebrate Downtown Kirkwood SBD’s 40 years. In early 2016, new streetlight banners will be placed to commemorate 40 years of improving the business climate in Downtown Kirkwood.

In 1975 Kirkwood Junction Special Business District (SBD) was the first organized under the new Missouri Special Business District Law. Today, there are numerous Special Business Districts located throughout the state. Special Business Districts use this law to improve business (districts) in their communities.

“Downtown Kirkwood is fortunate to be home to several locally-owned businesses that have been here for decades”, according Downtown Kirkwood Executive Director Donna Poe.

Kirkwood Junction Special Business District’s name was changed to Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District in 2007. The SBD is a self-taxing district. Municipally licensed business in Downtown Kirkwood—the area along Kirkwood Road bounded by Bodley and Woodbine, Taylor and Clay—supply about a quarter of the SBD’s annual revenue by paying a business license tax equal to one-half of their Kirkwood business license tax. Other district revenue comes from property taxes, rent paid by Farmers’ Market Merchants, and special event sponsorships.