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More Than a City, Downtown Kirkwood is a Community

Downtown Kirkwood, Missouri, is located in the suburban heart of the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Founded by James P. Kirkwood, builder of the Pacific Railroad through this area, Downtown Kirkwood has been a regional destination for area residents and visitors since trains began boarding passengers at the Kirkwood Train Station in 1853 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Downtown Kirkwood retains the charm and character of the past combined with abundant shopping, dining, and entertainment in a rare pedestrian-friendly outdoor space spanning sixteen square blocks, home to more than 100 specialty shops and restaurants. You'll find Downtown Kirkwood to be visitor and customer friendly, with plenty of parking.

Families love Kirkwood because there are so many activities for kids and adults alike! Downtown Kirkwood is home to more than 100 specialty shops, businesses, and restaurants. The Magic House, the Kirkwood Public Library, Kirkwood Farmers' Market, Post Office, City Hall, YMCA, Kirkwood Performing Arts Center, and many shops, restaurants, and churches are within easy walking distance.

Downtown Kirkwood features green spaces, pocket parks, and several stores that cater to pet lovers. Some paw-friendly shops in Downtown Kirkwood even have resident pets who will share their water bowls and treats with friendly four-legged visitors.

Planning Your Visit

We’re excited to have you visit beautiful Downtown Kirkwood. You’ll find free all-day parking on most parking lots on Saturdays and Sundays and free two-hour parking in many public lots and most streets. Walk, bicycle, or jog down the flower-lined streets of Downtown Kirkwood. These amenities along with the unique and historic storefronts in the district enhance the experience of passersby. The streets and sidewalks of Downtown Kirkwood are equally friendly for families with children as well as those with disabilities or special needs.

More Parking Information

To check on train schedules in your community, please visit There's also a direct train that you can take to or from Kirkwood that travels the route up to Chicago.

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