Downtown Kirkwood is visitor and customer friendly.Free Parking

Free Public Parking is available on streets, within our numerous public parking lots and at the Station Plaza Garages.

On-Street Parking

There are hundreds of on-street parking spaces in downtown Kirkwood that allow you to park your vehicle a few steps from the door of your destination. Most of these spaces are 2-hour parking from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Additionally, there are about a dozen strategically located 15-minute parking spaces that allow for quick pickups at our stores and restaurants, 

Public Parking Lots

Enjoy free all-day parking on most parking lots on Saturdays and Sundays. Free two-hour parking is available on public lots on other days of the week.  There are also many three-hour parking spaces on public parking lots. The three-hour spaces are usually located on the perimeter of the lot. Free public parking is also available at Kirkwood City Hall—this centrally located parking lot is a great weekend and evening option.

Station Plaza Garages

Station Plaza offers free, all-day, covered parking in two covered parking garages located off of Kirkwood Road and East Madison.

St. Peter Church Parking Lot

There are 90 parking spaces available to visitors of downtown Kirkwood at St. Peter Catholic Church.  Access the church’s parking lot on Clay Ave. between Argonne Dr. and Jefferson Ave.

The church’s parking lot will be available for public parking, with the exception of Sunday church service hours and other special events hosted by St. Peter.

All-Day and Long-Term Amtrak Parking

If you are planning to spend the weekday in downtown Kirkwood, you have two options. You may purchase an All-Day pass from Kirkwood City Hall at the Finance Department or in the Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District office, 130 E. Jefferson. All-Day permits are $5.00 each.

If you are going to spend the entire weekday in downtown Kirkwood or if you are taking a several-day train trip, parking on the “AMTRAK” parking lot, located near Bar Louie at 110 S. Kirkwood Road on the east side of the street, is recommended.  There is a kiosk at the entrance to this parking lot that allows you to purchase an advance parking pass for $5.00 per day and you may purchase several days of parking to accommodate your travel plans. After you purchase your parking pass, park your vehicle, place the pass on your windshield and walk across the street to the Kirkwood Amtrak Station to catch your train.

Employee Parking Permits

The Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District Office administrates the Employee Parking Permit Program for the City of Kirkwood. If you are working in downtown Kirkwood and would like to purchase a parking permit, please contact the Downtown Kirkwood SBD office at 314.822.0084.


Download a Downtown Kirkwood parking guide.